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small business saturday is a day to show our support. a day to shop at stores owned by our friends and neighbors. and do our part for the businesses that do so much for us. on november 24th, let's get out and shop small. shoppers hitting the stores early in san francisco looking for those black friday deals. we'll tell you why some people camped out in line overnight. violence overnight in marin county there was gunfire on a holiday outside of a san rafael nightclub. it was a frightening thanksgiving night for dozens of people in san jose as a fire
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ripped through their town home complex. we'll show you how badly it was damaged and how it landed one firefighter in the hospital. sunny forecast for you today. what about the rest of the holiday weekend? can we keep the rain out of here until next week? time for the second hour of the ktvu morning news. good morning, to you. welcome to a brand new day it is friday november 23rd i'm dave clark. >> and i'm claudine wong in for pam cook. let's check your weather and traffic and steve shaping up to be a nice day. but it is cold. i just need to remind myself. i'm a big baby. >> we do have colder readings out there. some. upper 30s. mid 30s. it will be a sunny and nice day. highs in the 60s. here's a look at 880 near the coliseum. you can see traffic flowing well through oakland there.
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and up next we have a look at the east shore freeway. you can see traffic on the left hand side there picking up for 6:00 in the morning on a day when most people don't have to work. a lot of people heading out to the sales. happening now the black friday rush is under way in san francisco. and ktvu channel 2 reporter alex savidge is among the crowds there at the westfield mall in san francisco where the doors open just a short time ago. and alex, everyone squeezing into the stores? >> yeah everyone is inside now. things have calmed down a bit from what we showed you earlier when things opened up here. let's take a peek inside here. check out the mall. a lot of folks. they are out early this morning looking for the black friday deals. in fact, there were quite a few people earlier on who camped overnight waiting to get inside certain stores.
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that was the scene as hundreds of people pushed their way into the abercrombie and fitch store when they opened their doors up at 5:00 this morning. workers could barely get those doors open. it was a huge crowd that formed outside. people started lining up around midnight trying to take advantage of a sale going on here. a worker told me everything inside the store 25% off although some of the shoppers who showed up here thought everything was going to be half off. so a bit of a discrepancy there. the store was as you can imagine a mad house this morning. shortly after it opened. shoppers told me they were glad they came down. >> it's a good deal. why not take advantage of this. the store is pretty expensive. when they give a deal like this, i say go for it. >> reporter: as we come back out here live, there is just sort of lines that pop up and form everywhere.
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but when i talked to folks that were in this line at the front door they are waiting to get inside a shoe store inside the mall where apparently the new air jordan shoes are arriving today or go on sale today. that's what this line is for. not all the stores inside the mall have opened up just yet. and of course eventually every one of those stores will open up and you can imagine the crowds will only get bigger here as the morning wears on. we'll be here to bring it all to you. for now we are live in san francisco alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. there are the first shoppers in dublin rushing the doors a the the target there when they opened their doors at 9:00. the store opened three hours earlier than it did last year. and for the first time, sears rolled out its black friday deal starting at 8:00 p.m. on thanksgiving night. no oakland people were lined up as early 4:30 yesterday afternoon to get their hands on
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a 50 pinch television for $-- 50-inch television for $300. and check it the line for the malls. you can see those shots from news chopper 2. the store opened up at midnight. your time is 6:04. new this morning the city of oakland reaches a grim milestone. the 111th homicide of the year has been recorded. that is one more than all of last year. latest one happened yust before 2:00 this morning on willow street in west oakland. so far no suspects are in custody. police in richmond now investigating a second deadly shooting on the same block this week. the latest one happened on fifth and barrett. about 10:00 last night. a man walked up to the victim who was sitting on a porch and started shooting. this was just a few yards away from a make-shift memorial where another man was shot and killed tuesday. police say they don't think there is a connection between
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the two cases. an apartment house fire leaves about 20 people looking for a new place to live on thanksgiving. ktvu janine de la vega live with information on where the fire may have started and also a fire captain was very seriously hurt. what do you know? >> reporter: well, dave that fire captain is at the hospital suffering from serious injuries to his neck. it all happened when the roof collapsed on this town home complex here near lee and fraught dale-- truth dale. this fire started at 8:20 last night here on willow leaf drive. summaries tents thought they heard an explosion and came outside to see flames shooting from the roof. it quickly escalated to three alarms. firefighter doused the flames with water, attacking it from the inside but had to move outside when a roof partially collapsed on a fire captain. >> a fire captain of ours got
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hurt when a piece of sheet rock fell on him. we were able to get him outside and get him treated and transported over to a local hospital. >> reporter: the fire captain suffered a concussion and a fractured vertebrae in his neck. he's a 16 year veteran and he will have more tests run this morning at the hospital. four town home units were destroyed by water and the flames in this fire. 18 people were displaced and the red cross did come out to help them last night. firefighters say that somebody did tell them they did start a fire in the fireplace but they aren't sure if that is the actual cause of the fire. right now they are calling it accidental. reporting live janine janine de la vega cd. downtown wall news creek is on -- walnut correct screen on the path of pedestrianing
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bigger walking paths. the plan focuses on under developed plans. the hope is to add a motel, retail office, and measuring parking and public walk -- and more parking and public walking paths. they approved a plan to remove the dated street per ramates. there have been several published reports about the plans for alex smith and collin this sunday. find ottawa the 49ers -- find out what the 49ers are saying about the team's quarterback controversy. your time just about 6:08. technically thanksgiving is over, but the chp is still on maximum enforcement through sunday night. they have already been more dui arrests here in the bay area this year than last year. the chp made 50 arrests on wednesday. that compares to 39 a year ago. statewide the number of dui arrests actually went down.
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262 people were arrested on wednesday compared to 267 last year. your time is 6:08. we want to go over to tara moriarty maybe not a lot of people heading to work but a lot of people going to the malls. right? >> that is right. a hot of traffic jams at the bay area malls. the freeways are fine. but a different story where folks are cram into the stores to snatch up the last minute bargains. let's take a live look over news chopper 2. this is over livermore. there is a lot of folks out there walking around and trying to find a parking spot there. this is going to be pretty much the same scene all across the bay area because we have so many of the great deals they have been advertising for black friday. you can snatch up all the christmas presents and honica presents today. let's take a live look at the mccarthur maze traffic on the right hand side there looking good at this hour. and highway 4 through bay point a little foggy this morning but
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so far so good westbound traffic there on the bottom portion of your screen. let's check in with steve. tara, thank you. we have mostly clear skies. just patchy fog. cold for some. not bad for others. sfo is 54. there is a lot of 30s. also just saw pal low a -- palo alto 39. today will be nice. very close to what we had yesterday. cold start but then mild to warm high clouds. about the same into the weekend. next rain could start wednesday more likely i think thursday, friday into saturday looking to be a pretty wet pattern. this weekend looks good. cold at night. some of that fog out in the valley could be very difficult at times. expect for a few high clouds everything staying to north. patchy fog. low visibility if you run into that fog. so far it's stockton, fresno, sacramento. but it's a dry forecast all way into sunday. mild to warm.
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average highs 61-65. we are actually 64-70. few high clouds if you have travel mans to the north up toward sacramento valley. few of those will drift over us as well. we're on the southern edge of that. 30s and 40s to 51. it could be mild for some and darn cold for others. until i think middle or end of next week everything stays up in the pacific northwest. mostly sunny and high clouds. not much of a breeze out there. so highs from stinson all the way to napa. everyone is really close. this kind of pattern days are very v very short. there is a little puff of an easterly breeze. gilroy went 70. half-moon bay 65. hector 53 now. mild to warm into saturday and also sunday mostly sunny and maybe a few degrees cooler on monday increasing clouds tuesday. a stretch of san francisco ocean beach is closed today
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because of a sewage spill. it could be closed throughout the weekend. barricades are set up. highway rain tuesday nights into wednesday overwhelmed a portion of the sewer main which spilled over on the beach. they want three consecutive days of good water test results before that beach is reopened to the public. time now 6:11. plans on the table to make a trip to las vegas a real party all the way. the new proposal that is is coming down the tracks. plus what the former moraga school board president has to say is about stepping down just one day after he was reelected. plus the unbelievable crash in texas. as many as 140 cars involved in this. what probably contributed to it.
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this is still hard to believe. heavy fog blamed for 140 vehicles crashing yesterday on a freeway in texas. at least two people died trucks and cars piled on top of each other. the rescue crews rushed in trying to pull out any survivors. as many as 90 people had to be rushed to hospitals. this happened about 9:30 in the morning yesterday morning but that freeway was blocked for eight hours. israeli police have arrested suspects in that tel aviv bus explosion that injured at least two dozen people. authorities say the arrests
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include an arab with israeli citizenship and several west bank palestinians. they are accuse of the carrying out a bus bombing on wednesday just hours before the cease fire was declared. police say the bomb was set off by a cell phone. police in benicia are looking for a man who stole a car and robbed a woman. the suspect has been identified as 29-year-old duncan phillips. he's accused of robbing a woman inside her apartment on south hampton road. police got a call a short time later from a woman who they believe is the friend of a first victim who car had also been stolen. police are looking for the 2004 ford they'res are with license plate number 6tkl112. the school board president in moraga is talking publicly about resigning less than 24 hours after being reelected. texter louie stepped -- dexter
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louie told them it was a personal one. kristin is suing the district for failing to stop years of sexual abuse. sources say louie may have had a conflict of interest in that case. two of louie's relatives spoke out. 6:16. oakland police warning you be careful there have been several smash and grab car break ins. they woke up yesterday morning to sight of this. windows of five vehicles were knocked out. and the dash board was ripped apart in one suv. so far place say -- police say they have made no arrests. you can forget about all those published reports at the quarterback controversy. there has been no final decision made on which quarterback will starlet against the new orleans saints. the niners are still waiting for word on whether alex smith
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will get medical clearance following his concussion two weeks ago. some news organizations are reporting that collin caber nick has been picked as the starter after his terrific game against the chicago bears. a mystery of the red planet possibly uncovered in a few weeks in san francisco nasa is planning to make a major announcement regarding mars. coming up the bay areas role into what is being built as a historic discovery. plans for nothing but a party for people going from southern california to las vegas. company from nevada is a step closer to puts a party train on the tracks. they have an agreement with the union pacific railroad. the trains we are told would feature a lounge, tv, and private car for bachelor parties. a ticket would be $99 each way and include food and drinks.
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this train could be up and running by sometime next year. time now 6:18. let's head out to tara. tara wants to talk about that train. fully do. i'm wishing they had that train when we went to school. >> no tara, no. >> we've got clear freeways but congested parking lots. we are at the pargon outlet where they have the traffic cones out. they're trying to keep jams to a minimum. definitely didn't look like this last night it was packed. i'm sure it will get a lot busier as the day wears on. people trying to snatch up the black friday deals. here's a look at your bay bridge as folks head into san francisco. no delays to report. and finally at the golden gate bridge you can see a little bit foggy out there. but not too bad as you drive into san francisco again. 6:19 here is steve. we have clear skies.
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a few high clouds. a little bit of patchy fog. overall things are looking very, very good. rainfall santa rosa is doing well. 5.61. that is almost 100%. there is more on the way next week. the city well over where they should be this time of year. four and third. san jose take this with a grain of salt. not far away some of our observers have more than this. the weekend looks good. next week we'll have to deal with by starting wednesday rain into wednesday and thursday. clouds stay to the north. and we do have a few high clouds drifting over into the northern part of the state. 30s and 40s. 39 napa. 35 up at kenwood. there are cool readings. yet on the coast sfo is 54 degrees. half-moon bay is 53. there is mild conditions. we are getting an easterly breeze. that allows mostly sunny skies.
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a few high clouds north bay. overall 60s. a little bit above average for this time of year. mild to warm into the weekend. little cooler on monday. increasing clouds on tuesday. just in time for the holiday shopping rush the u.s. postal service is pushing hard to start its same day delivery service. the program is called metro post and it's going to start on december 12th. san francisco is going to be the first city to test that program that will provide same day delivery for an online purchase with a $10 delivery charge. if it's successful, the program could expand to other big cities next year. not everyone planning to hit the stores for the black friday sales are looking for holiday gifts. 75% of those shoppers are looking for deals for themselves. part of that is because there is good deals on household goods leak refrigerators and dvd players. only 7.5% of americans have
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their holiday shopping done by the second week of december. time is 6:21. the very latest on the investigation into the death of an inmate at santa cruz county jail. while officials say maybe it would not suspicious. and while mexico could change its name.
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time now 6:24. mexico's president wants to change the countries name. president filipe calderon wants to change it from the united mexican state to just mexico. while the full name is rarely used the president says the country does not need to imitate the united states. they adopted that name back in 1824 after winning independence from spain. a controversy of a nativity scene and now the courts are getting involved. it has been at a park for 55 years. the recently a group of atheist flood the the city with applications to put up their own displays. >> if you keep caving to this hate speech and i'm going to call it that for the first
6:26 am
time. you know hate speech also includes the hatred of the christian message. and there is a war on christmas. >> the city of santa monica says the displays create too much paper work and a hazard to the park. they will have another court hearing on december 3rd. an investigation into under way in the death of a 47-year- old inmate at the santa cruz county jail. it's the third death involving an inmate at the jail in the past four months. officials say a cause of death has not been determined but the man was having withdrawal symptoms from drug use. he had been recently arrested on a probation violation. space enthuse chris are awaiting a nasa announcement. rover has made an important discovery. the rover landed on the red planet earlier this year and had been taking samples for the last three months. while nasa is saying mum about
6:27 am
that discovery for now it says rover is supposed to find the building blocks of life. it's real early on this day after thanksgiving but tara is finding a traffic problem. >> that is right. just be aware of it if you're in the area. right now we will take a live look at 280. you can see traffic is moving very nicely. and 680 at the pinole grade traffic through fremont same story. 6:26 let's check in with steve. >> tara, thank you. kind of cold out there for some. not too bad by the coast. sfo is 54 yet other locations in the mid to upper 30s. it will be sunny. we'll all end up with highs in the 60s today. looks like a dry pattern. gunfire outside of a san rafael nightclub. a live report on the search for answers at this hour. stores already packed here in san francisco for black
6:28 am
friday. folks looking for a bargain we'll tell you why some people were camping out overnight just to get inside certain places. also the opening bell is want to ring on wall street. we'll have the early stock numbers for you.
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all right. we are watching the markets open for you. it will be a half day on the marks. only open for a few hours. futures looking good today. you can see on the right side of your screen there is the nasdaq and sears and k-mart there. there goes the opening bell. obviously it's black friday day. holiday shopping season unofficially started. when you talk about the importance of a day like today retail key chunk of the economy accounting for about 70% of of it. how much people will spend because what they spend in november and december accounts
6:31 am
for about 40% of the retarial -- retailers annual revenue. >> it's big. we'll smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here. it is friday, november 23rd i'm dave clark. >> and i'm claudine wong. pam cook has the morning off. your time is 6:30. and happening right now would you believe shopping centers all over the bay area are packed. people trying to get their hands on big black friday deals. alex savidge is live at the westfield mall in san francisco. you've been on this since 4:30 this morning. what is happening out there now? >> reporter: well still a lot of people out here up early looking for the black friday deals trying to beat everyone out here at the stores and snap up all those bargains. this is one of the hot spots. westfield shopping center in downtown san francisco. you can take a look here. they even posted a sign on the front door letting everyone know which stores would be open early this morning. and i can tell you there was a
6:32 am
mad rush to get into one store imparticular early this morning we watched as hundreds of people pushed their way inside the abercrombie and fitch store here at westfield shopping center. when they opened their doors at 5:00 this morning. people had been lining up outside the store after midnight hoping to take advantage of a sale going on here. once they got inside the place was just a zoo. it was packed with shoppers. many people say while there are a lot of good bargains if you hit the stores early it's not necessarily all about saving money. >> i would say it's more about the thrill of it all. just like so many people rushing to get all this stuff. saving money is also a plus in itself. >> reporter: as we come back out here live on market street outside westfield shopping center this is another line. there are lines everywhere you look. this folks are waiting for the new air jordan shoes that will
6:33 am
be going on here. a lot of tease stores in the downtown area and union square they opened up at midnight. i did talk to a lot of people who essentially said they never slept. they came down here and they have been shopping throughout the night. we are live this morning in san francisco alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:32. also happening in hayward we're keeping an eye on the south land mall. we're on the ground and up in the air. people are packing headinfor the south land mall as well. it looks relatively quiet right there but we are watching. you get from the news chopper 2 and down on the ground. it's busy already at 6:32 in the morning. the south land mall is open and we just wanted to peek in and see as people were arriving and yes they are arriving. here's more folks arriving a week long wait finally ended for theosophic folks who
6:34 am
actually camped out outside of a bay area best buy store. this is what it looked like around midnight when the doors finally opened at best buy. a lot of people who lined up said they wanted to get their hands on a $180 40-inch tv and $200 laptop computer. >> always come to best buy every friday. always spend a nice little amount of money. >> best buy also offered deep discounts on phones and ipads and video games and dvds. and earlier tara showed you live pictures of the black friday traffic. this is outside the new paragon outlet stores in livermore. take a look at what it looked like last fight. i mean long lines of cars as far as you can see on interstate 580 as the mall opened up at 10:00 p.m.. the turnout was huge and the backup was incredible. they had a lot of patience but they were out there in line. >> in sacramento there were very tense moments for
6:35 am
shoppers. >> push and i will stab one of you. >> he was angry. cameras were rolling when that k-mart shopper threatened to stab others. it happened as others were shoving to get in that store. many people said there should have been more security because they didn't feel safe. some people are protesting black this year. hundreds of walmart employee have walked off the job and similar protests are planned here in the bay area. coming up we'll tell you why the workers are so upset. music, alcohol, and gunfire in the north bay. it apparently started with a fight inside a nightclub. lorraine blanco is live in san rafael where investigators have been at the scene combing through evidence for hours. >> reporter: i just talked with the sergeant in charge here. he told me that one of the victims is in serious condition this morning. he is under going surgery. the other victim is expected to be released shortly. csi unit is on scene. they are collecting evidence. they are also examing several
6:36 am
bullet holes on cars and businesses. san rafael police tell us the violence started with a fight inside club 101 and several shots were fired outside the club just before 1:00 a.m.. two men were shot. those men were transported to marin general hospital. police detained two other men. they are trying to determine if and how those fenmen were involved. because there were so many people inside or in this parking lot, it took several hours before police allowed many club goers to head home. >> we detained a larger group of people from various cities in the bay area that were here for some kind of a concert. and at this point we are still investigating. >> reporter: police found several weapons on scene here. club 101 describes itself as marin's hottest nightclub that plays latin, hip hop, and techno music. there was a fatal back in 2008 he said that shooting was
6:37 am
fatal. that was the last time this club had any problems. pg&e continues to work on repairing a downed power line in fremont that caused a small fire and left residents in the dark. smoke came from the power pole just after midnight. sharks flew to a nearby tree and then touched off a small fire. you can see there crews were spraying down a nearby backyard to prevent it from catching on fire. 228 customers lost power. at last they hope to have power restored in three hours. time is 6:36. we won't know the final numbers until next week but holiday dangers out on the roads have already been reported. chp reports two lake county men died. they crashed into another vehicle wednesday night in the town of clearlake oaks. three people in the other car including a 12-year-old santa rosa girl were hurt. the driver suffered critical injuries. the girl was air lifted to uc davis medical center but has
6:38 am
since been discharged. chris man will perform at tonight's macy's tree lighting ceremony. the 83-foot tree with more than 33,000 led lights will be it will at 6:40:00 p.m. after the tree lighting ceremony they can attend holiday lane or they can drop a letter to santa in the believe mailbox. and here is a quick look at some of the other tree lighting events going on in the bay area today. the 48th annual tree lighting ceremony will be held autogyro dellly chocolate square. for more information on the holiday events ginkgo to our website holiday traffic the day after thanksgiving not too bad. tara is watching everything. >> we've seen some traffic jams at various mall. we've been at the pargon outlets. and the parking lots are starting to fill up.
6:39 am
but your freeways are looking pretty good. right now we will head out to 280 and san jose you can see traffic is moving nicely. and at the bay bridge toll plaza same story a little hazy. our cam are there we go we got the focus out. smooth sailing into san francisco. and highway 24 traffic on the right hand side there westbound as you make your way toward the caldecott tunnel. you can see it's moving fairly well. let's check in with steve. tara, thank you. we do have clear skies a little cold. clear for others. mid to upper 30s you find inland locations a little on the chilly side. there is a big difference some of the lows. we'll all end up with pretty close to the same. the weekend the same. patchy fog. it's yet to materialize. hasn't really been popping up here. next rain maybe wednesday but more likely i would think thursday morning and into saturday kind of a wet pattern
6:40 am
setting up for into next week. not today or this weekend. expect for a few high clouds we are good to go for sunshine. although days are pretty short. temperatures are above average. should be around 61-65. we're coming in around 64-70. patchy fog. dry forecast into the weekend. mild to warm. i mean especially for this time of year. and that east wind certainly helps the coastal locations. higher clouds stay to the north. few of those drift into the northern sacramento valley. we're on the southern edge of that. 37 napa. yet 50 in san francisco. and 54 add sfo. 40 redwood city. i've seen 30s near concord. and even palo alto at 39 degrees. half-moon bay i think i saw 55. east wind helping the coast. lots of sun today. a little haze. not much of a breeze at all. patchy fog. once that burns off
6:41 am
temperatures will settle in to the 60s. i mean even from stinson beach up to ukiah and clearlake. pittsburgh in there. all within a degree or two of each other. 70 in gilroy. close for mor ban hill. 66 woodside. 67 for menlo park. nice on the coast. looks good on saturday into sunday as well. a little cooler on monday. increasing clouds on tuesday. new legal problems for a controversial comedian who recently performed in oakland. why fans of cat williams are signing up for a class action lawsuit. a firefighter is hospitalized and 18 people without homes in san jose. we'll have the latest on the investigation. here's a look at the san mateo bridge on this beautiful black friday morning. and we do have an incident to report on the peninsula. we'll tell you about that coming up.
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good morning. clear skies. a little bit of fog. once that burns off it will be sunny and nice to warm. some of that fog visibility could be lousy. be careful. welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories. all over the bay area the black friday shopping frenzy is happening right now. hundreds of people waited in line overnight trying to get big deals. some of the bay area stores
6:45 am
opened up as early as 8:00 last night. ktvu was out. we're going to bring you a live report and a live look at what is going on in just about 15 minutes. meantime two men detained by san rafael police is in connection with a double shooting at a nightclub last night. a fight inside club 101 spilled out into the parking lot about 1:00 this morning. one victim is expected to be released from a hospital shortly. the other one who was shot is in serious condition and we're told is having surgery. and a grim milestone for the city of oakland. oakland police are investigating right now the 111th homicide of the year. that is one more than recorded in all of 2011. thanksgiving fire sends a fire captain to the hospital and leaves almost 20 people homeless. ktvu channel 2 reporter janine de la vega is live in san jose
6:46 am
to explain where the fire may have started and what we are learning about the fair captain ice condition. >> reporter: we have seen several people come outside of their homes and shake their heads adds as they look at the damage here on the building. 18 people used to live inside. they all ran out when it went up in flames. just after 8:20 last night a fire started at the six unit complex near lee and fruitvale avenue. this fire quickly escalated to three alarms. flames were shooting out of the roof. firefighters attacked it from the inside but the roof partially collapsed and fell on a fire captain. he was take ton the hospital and suffered a concussion and neck injuries. after two and a half hours firefighters were able to contain the fire by dousing water on it from the outside. residents describe what the fire looked like. >> you can see the flames coming through. so i mean it definitely had to be from a fireplace. >> saw the flames coming through the house. so i went running in. we went running in.
6:47 am
and then we grabbed a guy. he was coming out. and we grabbed a guy and he went back in he said he had a cat. we went back in ran after it and got everything out. >> reporter: there is severe water and smoke damage to four of the units. the red cross came to help the 18 people displaced. someone had started a fire in their fireplace as you heard but it's unknown if that was the cause. investigators at this point are calling it accidental. now that fire captain who was injured right now is at valley medical center. we are told he's a 16 year veteran of the department. he is suffering a fracture in his vertebrae of his neck. so there was definitely a break in his neck. we're told at this point he's not going to be paralyzed that he is ding to be okay. but it is still a serious injury. reporting live from san jose janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. in overnight news taliban is claiming responsibility for a suicide car bombing in
6:48 am
eastern afghanistan. at least two people were killed. 60 others were hurt. the taliban says the attack was in response to the recent execution of four taliban prisoners at the government's main detention center in kabul. the cease fire between israel and palestinian militants in gaza appears to be holding despite new violence overnight. early today thousands of supporters of hamas marched in gaza city supporting the end of the eight-day conflict. hours later israeli troops killed one palestinian man and wounded several others. however, both sides call it an isolated incident that will not jeopardize the cease fire. a mass protest is being held in cairo egypt right now. it's all in response to a controversial political power play by president mohammed morsi. he has issued an emergency decree that bars the court system from overruling his decisions. morsi's critics are outraged saying the president is quickly moving down the path of becoming a dictator.
6:49 am
your time 6:48. a somber memorial for a man from campbell. he was killed in an attempted car bombing. coming up at 7:05 how family members and friends are remembering rory park. some local fans of cat williams say they have become the punch line of his jokes. that is cat williams on stage booing the crowds. thousands of people were at his show. but some have joined a class action lawsuit. they are accusing cat williams of bizarre behavior confronting a heckler. trying to fight at least three people in the audience and leaving the stage after only ten minutes. this class action lawsuit says that members of the audience deserve to get their money back. naming cat williams and the promoter live nation. so far there has been no
6:50 am
comment from either cat williams or live nation. workers at bay area walmart stores are planning to walk off the job. we want to show you new video from maryland where workers there walked off the job right as shoppers were getting ready to go inside that store. right now they're in the process of holding a march similar protests are planned at walmarts throughout the bay area today. they want the company to pay better wages. some shoppers say they plan to support the workers while others say they will still shop. >> they are paid to do a job, they want more, get a different job. that's what the job pays, that's what it is. >> picketers are also planning to protest outside of sames club stores in antioch, pleasanton and concord. let's go back to tara. there is a traffic problem on the peninsula. >> we have a solo car crash on the belmont area. tow truck son scene. in san francisco cars are
6:51 am
moving along nicely. 101 just before hospital curve there. no delays if you drive toward sfoen the right there or down -- sfo on the right there. at the bay bridge toll plaza looking like a smooth ride into san francisco this morning anoas the sun is coming up. and in the south bay this is something you rarely see. no traffic on 237 westbound. it's usually bumper to bumper but this morning it's a wide open road. the time is 6:50. let's check in with steve. thank you. mostly clear. a little bit of patchy fog out there. most of it burns off at 9:00. little easterly breeze coming in. bring some of that fog back from the valley as well. northerly breeze. that means pretty nice on the coast. but i've seen 30 to 40s to 50s for lows. few high clouds to the north. next rain isn't on tap late wednesday or thursday temperature it does look good. what does look good also that fog forming. recent rain, temperature dew point temperature which condensation occurs they come
6:52 am
together and poof like that. it doesn't last long. but it looks like overall temperatures will be a little above average today or a little above normal. few high clouds. clearlake over to ukiah. mainly sty staying to the north. 37 napa. 50 in san francisco. and a lot of 40s or upper 30s. there is no doubt about it a chill for some. not too bad for others. with that easterly breeze in place and high pressure end result is mostly sunny. few high clouds a little bit overall patchy fog. when the fog burns off there is not much of a breeze. 60s on the temps. low to mid to upper 70. no change into saturday. sunday could be a little cooler but still pretty nice. monday temperatures start to drop a little bit. tuesday increasing clouds. something you may be doing with your mail may make you a crime victim. the reason putting a hold on your mail could be tipping off
6:53 am
criminals. plus there is a 17-year-old fighting for his city. he's pushing for piedmont and oakland to come together.
6:54 am
6:55 am
all right. we have a half day on the market today but the dow starting the day off well 62 points up. this is called black friday because it begins a period in
6:56 am
which many retailers turn profitable get in the black instead of the red. so retail being watched very carefully. traders looking for signs of just about how enthusiastically we are all spending today. our time 6:55. in oakland there is a 17-year- old taking action of his own trying to pull support to make piedmont one with oakland. his name is noah goldstein. he and his friends are calling it the liberate piedmont movement. they are also circulating petitions. they have 11,000 residents. it's believed to be the only city in the nation that is located entirely within another city. supporters say piedmont choledocha services and resources. however, the mayor of piedmont told the chronicle there that residents like their city just like it is. it's a service that is supposed to help protect you from criminals. police have a warning this morning.
6:57 am
criminal state police gotten their -- criminals may have gotten their records on vacationers that put their newspapers on hold. >> i had actually thought of that. that it kind of the same with the mail if you stop it that it kind of broadcasts you're going to be gone. and they know the start dates and end dates. >> authorities are looking into the issue but say as an alternative consider having your neighbor collect your mail and newspapers while you are out of town. your time is 6:56. there is a way for you to watch the world series champion san francisco giants for as little as $8. single game tickets will go on sale at 10:00 this morning. you can buy them online or go to the giants dugout stores. there is no service charge if you buy the tickets at at & t park stores. it is time to go on through
6:58 am
your closet and collect your gently used coats because ktvu's annual one warm coat drive begins today. and familiar faces from ktvu will be collecting new or lightly used coats at four bay area shopping centers. our own dave clark will be over at broadway virginia this morning in walnut creek. we will also have crews at san francisco ferry building. we'll kick off that campaign later this morning. tara we see you now. so far so good. >> that that is right. great morning traffic wise. a lot of people still sleeping after eating that turkey last night. some did hit the stores early. on highway 4 in the pittsburgh area you can see the fog sort of still at the bottom of the hill there sort of hovering
6:59 am
around. westbound traffic are lights you see as folks drive toward concord and on to 680. a pretty shot of the golden gate bridge nice drive into san francisco. 6:58 let's head over to steve. thank you. fog on the bog. once that burns off it will be sunny. few high clouds to the north. if you enjoyed yesterday's weather we'll take that into today. we'll have more on mornings on 2. coming up team coverage of this black friday 2012. our ktvu cameras are at several bay area shopping malls ace energy and the crowds are getting larger by the minute. overnight violence on thanksgiving day gunfire outside of a marin county nightclub. stay right here with us.

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